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Half the Sky:

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5 Short Poems About Fear


Briana is afraid of the number “7”.

When she wants to order a pizza,

she calls her friend

whose number has no sevens



Tom is afraid of people

In white, button-down shirts.

Damn it!

They are everywhere.



Sophie is afraid of going insane,

and it is making her




Bryan is afraid of his own thoughts,

but he cannot turn them off

(there’s no switch for that).

They are always with him.



Katrina was so afraid of dying

that she never got to







Blood meant that someone would kiss my owie and give me a band-aid.

Blood meant that a shiny nickel and a new tooth were coming.

Blood meant that my nose was once again my enemy, embarrassing me at the most awkward of moments.

Blood meant that I had miscalculated on the monkey bars and my knees had paid the price.

Blood meant a note on blue paper and a trip to the nurse’s office.



Blood meant that I was no longer a child.

Blood meant that someone had switched out the dull razor with a brand new one and didn’t bother to tell me.

Blood meant that I would need at least six Motrin that day.

Blood meant that my body could incubate life.

Blood meant that I was not safe, not even in my own home.



Blood meant another month of being unsuccessful, like a very tiny death.

Blood meant another chance to try again.

Blood meant a miracle.

Blood meant ten thousand and one reasons to be grateful.



Blood meant the fragility of life, hanging by a thread.

Blood meant endless days of bed rest, longing just to take a shower.

Blood meant that my margins had opened to release the life inside.

Blood meant that you were finally here.

Blood means that I will kiss your owie and give you a band-aid.






A couple of Poems













They had an inspirational quote here! How novel!


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