Works In Progress

Here is an inside look at what I am working on.   If you happen to be intrigued by process, and you happen to be completely nerdy like myself, you might find this interesting.  If not, feel free to completely ignore this page!

Here is what I am working on now – a first draft of a poem:


forgotten poem.                   Karyn G                   April 16 2018


oh, look at you,

forgotten poem

scribbled in the back of a

spiral bound notebook littered with the confetti

remnants of pages long torn out,

it’s Spiral Wire poking up defiantly,

always snagging on a sweater or whatever it can reach,

always bending further away from new.


there you are,

languishing from neglect on faintly blue lined pages

clothed in an almost indecipherable scrawl

scratched out in a moment of creative passion,

real and most raw,

down strokes indicating urgency, wild with abandon,

not even heeding the careful blue lines meant to contain you.


there you have waited,

patient, dutiful, hopeful.

believing, always believing that you would be found again.


you are perfect.





there is no date.



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